Blue Moon rosary challenge

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To celebrate the Blue Moon (-click-) my bead soup partner Rita from Toltec Jewels, and me, we wanted to reveal our small rosary challenge just today! In addition to our bead soup, we added some beads for rosaries, because we both like very much to make them.

For me, making a rosary is meditation. My imagination does not run wild, I do not let my eyes, thoughts or fingers to touch any other beads than those I have chosen for that particular rosary. It sometimes takes a little time to choose the actual beads, but, when chosen, the making is automatic - because the rosary is a symmetric piece, you know to start take ten similar beads, then one bigger one for 'Our Father', then again the ten beads and ten beads to end with. The pendant part with the cross has that certain amount of beads.
So, it is very calming and meditative to let your hands do the familiar work. And yet, every time I find the result to be kind of a surprise!

Rita had sent me the purple quartz for rosary as well as so many other beads, too.

I chose from my own stash the 'lacrymae jobi' -seeds which have a lovely wax-like surface to touch, I think they make a perfect bead for a rosary; you are supposed to stay with a bead for a prayer. Their color of grey with stripes of lilac go so well with the purple quartz, too. Tiny seed beads are japanese Miyuki-beads, japanese are also the vintage bead caps in lilac color.
The cross of this rosary is a prayer-box in itself; one can have a piece of paper in it with an important word to meditate, or, the name of a person who needs one's prayers.


The second rosary has a very different colorway, copper and genuine turquoise beads. I found that cross with emaille work so lovely I just had to order it; it even has a dove amidst flowers! I don't always find the centerparts, the medallions, on the shops, so very pretty - I chose an angel bead for this rosary.


The third rosary today has a lovely vintage feel in it. Swarovski pearls, a very ornate and lovely cross and some vintage chain bits, the medallion part this time is a bronze handmade bead by LeAnn in SummersStudio. I used vintaj-wire to link the parts.

Then, something I never did before, a rosary bracelet! For the bracelet I chose Rita's gift, the charming faceted glass rondelles with aurora borealis colour and the most lovely and faultless faceted quarz crystal bead. The toggle (I had it just waiting for this event?) had the heart with Swarovski crystals, so no need for the medallion here, the small cross is also a Swarovski crystal pendant. I really, really like this one, it is a piece of jewellery but with a meaning.

' Never apart'

And here my rosaries are all together; I started to make a rosary card, too, it still needs to be fulfilled with some more decoration.

Go, go to see what other participants have made (for time difference, perhaps later than my post):
Rita, Jewel School Friends
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Have a lovely day today :-D


  1. These are beautiful! The crosses you chose are especially lovely! My mother made me a rosary bracelet years ago...I still wear it to church! Very pretty!

    1. Margareta2/9/12 08:22

      Thank you, Patti :-)

  2. They all look lovable! But feminine, do you make rosary for men and all sterling silver?

    1. Margareta2/9/12 08:24

      Kryz, thank you!
      I usually make rosaries in sterling silver and have done for men, too :-)
      Send me an e-mail, okay!

  3. I love every single one of the rosarys you made. But the most beautiful idea is your rosary card! Amazing idea! If you need help finding the center parts, send me a pm and i will gladly send you some links -)

    1. Margareta2/9/12 08:25

      Thank you so much :-)
      Thank you for your lovely offer, I'll e-mail soon!