Mixed media, a challenge

I knew nothing about mixed media and that's why I so willingly jumped in to this challenge;

"Let's make necklaces in row" suggested Niina; everyone who takes part, begins the piece by creating a mixed media pendant for the necklace. And then, these beginnings are sent in the circle.
Everyone adds some nice parts and pieces to every necklace and when the necklace has been to all participants, they are sent to the one who started it!

Now we are at the point, when all 5 of us have their pendants made and tomorrow they begin their journey from one to another! This is fun! We'll get some astonishing pieces done, don't you think!
Above is my piece, with many ingredients, all made by me, except the rose (made by a friend). The book has some words in it, about happiness. The materials: polymer clay, vintaj wire, paper, lace, plaster, glue, dimensional magic.

You'll find the other participants here -click-
and, there are two different circles of five persons participating. (haaste 6 and 6B)


  1. Great design, very artsy!

    Nancy, xoxo

  2. Thanks for your mail, I'll get back soon :)

    You really push the limits with your pendant, it's original and full of romance.

  3. Thank you for your visits and comments, my foreign friends ;-D